3219-20 - Hoe 3-tooth blade with the teeth
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3219-20 - Hoe 3-tooth blade with the teeth

With toothed blade.


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3219-20 - Hoe 3-tooth blade with the teeth
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It has a width of 9 and is particularly suitable for the care of the land without harming the plants in case of crops and flower beds close together.

Everything is possible thanks to the straight blade on one side and three teeth on the other side: to hoe, to weed, aerate, plow or pave.

Thanks to a wide blade knife with an innovative shape, it is possible to obtain easy penetration of the soil.

The hoe is suitable for all handles combisystem GARDENA, even if GARDENA recommends a handle 130 or 150 cm, depending on height.

The warranty has a duration of 25 years.

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