FC75CP-FF-T-50 - Filter for sprinkler irrigation 3/4"
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FC75CP-FF-T-50 - Filter for sprinkler irrigation 3/4"

The filter cartridge. 50-mesh. Maximum pressure 10 bar.


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FC75CP-FF-T-50 - Filter for sprinkler irrigation 3/4"
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The filter, with a collecting container for the impurities to be positioned with the fittings to the pipes at the bottom. Clean simply by removing the cartridge from the filter without contaminating the water of the plant.

The collection container avoids that the dirt falls to the inside of the filter, and then into the pipeline at the time of extraction of the cartridge. Installing easily, the whole , always working from the top.

It cleans simply by opening the lock ring of the filter holder and pulling out the cartridge.

Data sheet
Type of attack
female / female
Working pressure max. (Cafe)
Attack size
3/4 "