Outlet bracket PN 16 anti-rotation screws bright zinc-plated 25 X 1/2
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Outlet bracket PN 16 anti-rotation screws bright zinc-plated 25 X 1/2

With a diameter of 25 mm. Thread 1/2 inch.


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Outlet bracket PN 16 anti-rotation screws bright zinc-plated 25 X 1/2
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Outlet bracket PN 16 reinforced with galvanized screws and anti-rotation of the octopus.

Construction made of copolymer polypropylene PP-B.

Color black.

O-ring NBR 70sh: diameter maximized for a better containment of the drilling.

Veins of retention of the screws.

System of retention of the o-ring.

Data sheet
Attack size
1/2 "

Bracket socket catalog

Supreme standard and anti-rotation bracket sockets catalog pages with galvanized and stainless steel bolts. Quick clamps.

Download (399.86KB)

Features anti-rotation bracket socket

• Range: from d.25x1 / 2 "to 315x4"

• Nominal pressure: PN16 up to d.160x2 "; PN10 d.110x3 ", 125x3", 140x3 "and> 160x2".

• Material: Mat copolymer PP-B

• Color: Grey

• Stainless steel reinforcement ring: maximized height to increase resistance to pressure in the presence of bending moments and vibrations applied to the threaded branch

• Galvanized bolts

• NBR 70sh saddle gasket: maximized diameter for better containment of tube drilling; flat extension to ensure sealing even in the presence of unwanted over-pressures (water hammer)

• Screw locking system. • Seal retention system

• Octopus patented anti-rotation system: the innovative insert works effectively and durably against rotation and slippage of the bracket on the pipe, it is suitable for different PE 80-100 pipes without risk of damage.

• Reference standards: ISO13460 - AS / NZS4129 etc; threads according to EN10226 (ex ISO7 / 1)

• Main applications: qualified irrigation, water supply, fire prevention.