Mini Halo - Magenta Mosquito Repellent
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Mini Halo - Magenta Mosquito Repellent

Magenta insecticide diffuser for outdoor use.


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Mini Halo - Magenta Mosquito Repellent
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Free from mosquitoes and other annoying insects spaces up to 20 square meters.

Thanks to the flameless combustion, the butane gas can releases the energy necessary to heat a special insect-repellent plate specific for use in outdoor environments. Operate the device 5-10 minutes before staying outside to allow the correct operating temperature of the plate to be reached.

The package contains 12 hours of protection. Duration of a platelet: up to 4 hours. Butane cartridge life: approximately 12 hours.

Ideal for outdoor use in contexts such as: patios, dehors, balconies, terraces, in restaurants, camping, gardening, drying the laundry and outdoor activities.

Activate the appliance a few minutes before staying outdoors as many times as you want or need total protection.

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