432-20 - Spreader L
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432-20 - Spreader L

Recommended for surfaces up to approximately 400 m2.


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432-20 - Spreader L
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Spreader, L GARDENA is the ideal place for the convenient distribution of fertilizers and salt from the road on middle-sized areas.

Can be easily operated with the function of opening / closing of the grip, where you can also adjust the quantity to distribute.

The sliding lid features a sealing lip that closes the container and prevents the loss of material during the filling or after use. The special roller of the fertilizer spreaders GARDENA L distributes the material in a way perfectly uniform, precise, and only on the areas where it is needed. The spreader can be cleaned easily with water.

Data sheet
Work surface (sqm)
Tank capacity (liters)

Characteristics of the fertilizer spreader L

Usable all year round

The spreader L can be used to spread material of various sizes, such as fertilizers, seeds, granules, sand and salt.

In this way it can be used all year round, both in summer and in winter.

Convenient dosage

The open / close function on the handle allows for precise adjustment and metering of the material.

The quantity can also be adjusted directly from the handle, without straining the back or having to bend down.

Uniform distribution

The special distribution roller provides an even spread of the material.

The sliding lid, made of a 2-component material, closes the container so as not to accidentally disperse the material after use.

For all terrains

The large profiled wheels ensure optimal traction on any surface.

Anticorrosion and weatherproof

The spreader is made of corrosion and weather resistant material and can be easily cleaned with water.