O-T-5-60P - angle Nozzle fixed range of 1.5 m 60 degrees
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O-T-5-60P - angle Nozzle fixed range of 1.5 m 60 degrees

Attack the male. Precision Series Spray.


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O-T-5-60P - angle Nozzle fixed range of 1.5 m 60 degrees
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Powered by H2O chip technology, the new nozzles to Toro Precision series provide greater efficiency as compared to installations with spray heads standard.

Lowering the standard precipitation rate is 2.5 cm per hour or less, these nozzles are designed to save water and to reduce the losses.

Case study: The school district of Lake Elsinore saves water thanks to the Precision sprays
H2O chip technology - A nozzle system patented that distributes water more efficiently.

Greater selection of arches for a precise distribution.

Uses 1/3 less flow to reach a radius of a normal nozzle for the sprayer.

The fixed parts or ultrasonic welding to ensure an absence of variation in the cast water, to ensure a better margin definition.

The H2O chip generates a drop of greater size and more uniform which creates firmness in the arc irrigated.

Available in 5 radii between 1.5 and 4.6 metres, 9 arches different between 60° and 360°.

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Working angle
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Precision Spray Brochure

Features and performance tables of TORO Precision Spray nozzles.

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Features Precision Spray nozzles

Patented H²0 Chip Technology

Patented H²0 Chip Technology

With the patented H²0 technology - with no moving parts - each series of Precision series nozzles creates one or more oscillating high frequency flows to reach the desired radius and arc, reducing the water used by 1/3.

Maximize sprinkler efficiency

Maximize sprinkler efficiency

Precision nozzles provide an industry-first precipitation rate (25mm / h) to optimize soil penetration rate. The lower precipitation rate, combined with the high distribution uniformity, make this series of distributors the most efficient in the 1.5-4.6 m category.

Design and effectiveness for renovation purposes

Design and effectiveness for renovation purposes

The flow volume reduction of the Precision Series nozzles optimize design efficiency and help reduce overall material costs by using fewer valves and controller stations. Additionally, existing low pressure systems can be repaired with a simple refurbishment of the existing high flow nozzle.

Third party validation of performance

Third party validation of performance

Precision Series nozzles have been tested and validated in the field and at the Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT).

Optional pressure compensation device (PCD)

Optional pressure compensation device (PCD)

It allows optimal performance even when the inlet pressure reaches or exceeds 2.75 bar.