O-T-RCSP - Nozzle rectangular band range 1.2 x 2.7 m
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O-T-4X9-RCSP - Rectangular band nozzle 1.2 x 2.7 m

Male attachment. Right corner.


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O-T-4X9-RCSP - Rectangular band nozzle 1.2 x 2.7 m
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Toro's OT-4X9-RCSP Precision Series Tip features H²O chip technology that provides higher efficiency than standard tip installations.

By lowering the precipitation rate to 2.5 centimeters per hour or less, these nozzles are designed to conserve water and reduce losses.

Greater arc selection for precise deployment.

Uses 1/3 less flow to reach the radius of a typical sprayer nozzle.

The fixed or ultrasonically welded parts ensure no variation in the water throw, to guarantee a better margin of definition.

The H²O chip generates a larger and more uniform droplet size which creates compactness in the irrigated arc.

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