LPS Precision - Sprinkler 90 degree range 4.6 meters
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LPS Precision - Sprinkler 90 degree range 4.6 meters

Riser height 10 cm. Working angle of 90 degrees. Range adjustable from 2.4 to 4.6 metres.


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LPS Precision - Sprinkler 90 degree range 4.6 meters
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Sprinkler compact body with female thread and nozzle, Precision Spray range adjustable and fixed angle pre-installed.

It guarantees simplicity of installation and adjustment, combined with the characteristics of the nozzles are extremely versatile and performing.

The range is easily adjust using a flat-head screwdriver, turn the adjusting screw to the right to decrease the radius, or vice-versa to increase it.

Data sheet
Type of attack
Max range (m)
Angolo di lavoro
Attack size
1/2 "
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LPS Precision features

Increase irrigation efficiency

Increase irrigation efficiency

The Precision Series nozzles are an absolute novelty due to the precipitation rate of approximately 2.5 cm. the hour that makes this family of nozzles the most efficient in terms of water saving.

Patented H²0 Chip Technology

Patented H²0 Chip Technology

With the patented H²0 technology - with no moving parts - each series of Precision series nozzles creates one or more oscillating high frequency flows to reach the desired radius and arc, reducing the water used by 1/3.

Save Water and Save Money

Save Water and Save Money

Save on the unit cost of water and get discounts on non-surplus if you use the water supply for irrigation.