T5 - Sprinkler concealed, range 15.2 meters
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T5 - Sprinkler concealed, range 15.2 meters

Riser height 12.7 cm.


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T5 - Sprinkler concealed, range 15.2 meters
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Thanks to its wonderful amenities, this acclaimed rotor provides versatility, easy adjustment and trouble-free operation for a wide range of residential applications, medium to large and commercial.

Indicator at the top of the arc for easy adjustment from 40° to 360°).

Excursion of the turret is a 12.7-cm to overcome the obstacle of the high grass.

Arcs of part and full-circle in one sprinkler for convenience.

If it is set to 360°, the rotation becomes one-way for a uniform.

In the case of vandalism, the Smart Arc™ memory safely returns sprinkler to previously set arc.

The T5 series is full of innovative features, including a height of the pop-up, industry-leading 12.7 cm, an advanced nozzle technology, a higher tolerance to debris and more, and today Bull enriches this rotor the revolutionary with a new feature RapidSet. RapidSet offers a quick and effortless to adjust the settings of the arc of the rotor without the need of tools.

The technology RapidSet works by simply turning the rotor past its points of shooting current. The rotation of the head clockwise will move the entire arc, while the rotation of the head in anti-clockwise will increase the schema of the arc. A clutch-slip integrated protects the gears during these simple adjustments.

Do you want to go from 90 to 180 degrees? Rotate T5 RapidSet to the right, beyond the block hard to set your right side fixed. Then, rotate your head to the left, in addition to the trip point of 90 degrees to the original, the 180 degrees desired. Behold, you have just set up the arch without the use of tools. Simple, quick and efficient and, above all, without the need for tools.

With the addition of the features RapidSet, the rotor T5 continues to provide the same reliable results that it has offered for years with functionality that is anything but basic. The key advantage of the height of the pop-up to 12.7 cm of the rotor T5 is that it falls in the same category of the ecological footprint of competing models by 10 cm. A couple of inches can make a big difference, especially when you replace heads earlier, which were deposited in the course of time. The increased height of the pop-up also allows the grass to grow more roots and to strengthen them, producing the lawn more green and healthy.

The rotors T5 Toro also presents a technology of the nozzles in the airfoil for high performance. In comparison to the standard nozzle pre-installed pressure common, the cutting edge design of a Bull produces a greater uniformity in the distribution with respect to the rotors of the competition.

The aerofoil design also creates a low-pressure region below the flow of the nozzle to let the water run gently down to the watering close-up that does not wash away the seeds, making the T5 is an ideal solution for applications for the growth.

All rotors T5 products are made of plastics of ABS-grade engineering, while some rotors competitors are made of polypropylene, or other materials in the product level of the base: the rotor Toro T5 is built to last.

The T5 series features a gasket compression only one that provides a higher tolerance to debris, especially on sandy soils. The design of the T5 helps prevent scratches or damage to the seal, which with time, may result in losses in some rotors of the competition. Pipe pop-up higher, advanced nozzle technology, durability robust, higher tolerance to debris and, above all, the technology RapidSet with clutch slippage integrated allow the arc adjustment without tools. Reduce your installation time and discover the rotor better, and a best way to perform the installation, the rotor T5 series with RapidSet.

Data sheet
Type of attack
Max range (m)
Tower height (cm.)
Attack size
3/4 "

T5 Rapiset data sheet

Features, performance and operating description of the Toro T5 Rapidset Dynamic Pop-Up Sprinkler

Download (1.08MB)

Toro T5 Rapidset Manual

Manual with installation and setting instructions for the Toro T5 concealed dynamic sprinkler with Rapidset.

Download (4.21MB)