P220-23-96 - 1"Solenoid valve 1/2
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P220-23-96 - 1"Solenoid valve 1/2

Attack female/female. In reinforced Nylon. With latching solenoid. With flow regulator.


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P220-23-96 - 1"Solenoid valve 1/2
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These valves in nylon stuffed with glass professional are specially designed for commercial applications with pressures up to 220 psi, but also have the ability to pressure regulate the flow through the valve anywhere from 5-100 psi.

The Spike-Guard™ solenoid (optional) features very low power consumption, which reduces size requirements of the cable enables the simultaneous operation of a double number of valves on a transformer and lowers power costs.

Precise, pressure control option with the design of the dial EZReg compact (can be installed in the factory). The technology does not make the friction loss unlike competitive valves.

Pressure regulates in electric or manual modes and is serviceable under pressure.

Valve Schradertype built in standard for the verification of downstream pressure.

Valves are available with solenoid-P shutdown DC pre-installed.

Data sheet
Range of reach
113.6-416.4 l / miN
Type of attack
female / female
0.7-15 bar
Pressure regulator
Manual flow regulation
Opening with internal drain
Self-cleaning device
Optional Spike-Guard solenoid
Supply voltage (Volt)
Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Attack size
1 1/2 "
Five years
Corner connection

P220 Brochure

User manual with instructions for installation and use of the TORO Irrigation P220 Plus solenoid valve.

Download (72.92KB)

Construction features P220

Long Lasting Glass Filled Nylon

Long Lasting Glass Filled Nylon

It guarantees the operation of the P220 at pressures up to 15 bar.

Optional Precision Pressure Control

Optional Precision Pressure Control

Compact EZReg device installed with knob technology (it can also be installed in the field without having to remove the solenoid)

Internal and External Manual Vent

Internal and External Manual Vent

Keeps the valve housing dry and is easy to use.

American pre-installed valve

American pre-installed valve

Very simple downstream pressure check.

High Protection Against Lightning

High Protection Against Lightning

Capable of withstanding lightning strikes over 20,000 volts.

Mesh Filter on 2 '' and 3 '' Models

Mesh Filter on 2 "and 3" Models

It allows the filtration of the water upstream to ensure the absence of clogging that occurs inside the valve.