Narciso - Tool cabinet
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Narciso - Tool cabinet

In raw untreated fir wood.


€518.40 Tax excluded

check 10/06/2021
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Narciso - Tool cabinet
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An irreplaceable storage room for large terraces or small gardens, it fits with discretion and elegance in any outdoor space.

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INSTRUMENTA technical sheet

Sheet with specifications and details of the INSTRUMENTA aluminum ladder.

Download (748.9KB)

GartenPro Recommendations

BUROCRACY : The installation of a small house involves the request to the municipal authorities. It must therefore be the responsibility of the purchaser to have the requests, authorizations, permits and assents of the administrative authorities carried out by a qualified technician according to the regulations in force.

INSTALLATION : The house must be installed on a stable and non-deformable base, in an elevated place, which allows the drainage of rainwater. Protected from the splashes of any irrigation system. At due distance of green hedges that prevent the natural transpiration of the wood. Normally the house is delivered with a heavy vehicle; if the packaging is intact, the house can remain outside for a few days; (maximum one week) provided that it is placed on a perfectly level base. Before starting assembly, carefully read the assembly instructions; count all the pieces using the checklist *; check that there are no broken or defective pieces that could preclude the correct assembly of the house. To ensure a long life for your house, it is advisable, before starting assembly, to apply a coat of impregnating agent (transparent or very clear) on all the boards and strips that compose it.

SAFETY : It is recommended to carry out the assembly always adopting the individual protection devices; shoes, gloves, protective goggles and use power tools, ladders and all necessary work tools with caution. Particular attention must be paid to children who must be kept away from the work area until assembly is completed.

MAINTENANCE : Proper maintenance is required to protect and extend the life of the wooden house. It is recommended to carry out a treatment with a waxed impregnating agent for exteriors, choosing the desired shade from the range of colors proposed. The treatment must be repeated every time the color loses its tone and brilliance. Periodically check the stability of the house, the tightening of the screws and the correct functioning of the door and window.

PRECAUTIONS : Always close the door after use. Never insert hot objects such as barbecues that are still hot or with burning embers.

WATERPROOFING : The house is supplied with bituminous felt paper which, if assembled correctly, guarantees a duration of about two / three years, therefore it is advisable to purchase and waterproof the house with a long-lasting cover such as bituminous shingles, corrugated tiles, slated sheath etc. etc. * in case of missing or defective parts, insert the missing number next to the part shown in the check-list and send it to your dealer who will send you the necessary spare part to complete the assembly as soon as possible.