Spare parts

10 F - 10 µF 450 VL capacitor
Spare part for Pedrollo PK 60, PKS 60, PQ 60, PQ 60-EKO, PQ 60-Bs, PV 55-60, PQA 60, CP 100-130, CP 100X-130X, CP 132B, CP 100-ST4, CP 100 -ST6, CP 130-ST4, CP 130-ST6, HF 50B, JSW 1B, JSW 1BX, JSW 1C, JSW 1CX, Future JET 1C, Future JET 1CX, 2CP 80-I, Future JET 1C-ST, JCR 1B, JCR 1C 2016, JCR 1B-N, JCR 1C-N, JCR 1C 2013-2005, JCR 1B 2013-2005, PLURIJET 3/60, PLURIJET 3/60X . With faston connection. VDE-IMQ approved. Code 111010F.
Reduced price
10 square meters of lawn ready in rolls
Composition: 90% Festuca Arundinacea 10% Poa Pratense
Pallet of 10 m2, 20 rolls
Festuca arundinacea (%)90
Poa Pratense (%)10
Number of clods20