ZANZA BREAK - Candela insecticide neutral
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ZANZA BREAK - Candela insecticide neutral

Candle the insecticide is neutral.


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ZANZA BREAK - Candela insecticide neutral
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Features: candle insecticide approved by the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Policies as Medical-Surgical, based on Trasflutrina.
The Trasflutrina is a piretroide of low toxicity that is enacted gradually by the wax dissolved during use.

Mode and dosage: two candles, one above the wind, can cover up to 40 square meters at the open-air, thanks to the synergistic action.
Effective for the duration of the operation for a candle 125gr is the equivalent of about 30 hours.

Period of use: turn on Zanza Break Candle Insecticide a few minutes before to take advantage of the area you intend to protect. Can be turned off and back on several times.

Composition: 100g of product contain Transflutrina pure: 0.2 g, wax and coformulati: q.b. 100g

Insect target: mosquitoes including the asian Tiger mosquito and other small insects troublesome.

Registration: PMC Registration no. 19469 of the Ministry of Health

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Target insects
Tiger mosquito, mosquito