Acti Zanza Break Torch Repellent Multi-Purpose
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Acti Zanza Break Torch Repellent Multi-Purpose

Torch multi-purpose without a flame for outdoor use


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Acti Zanza Break Torch Repellent Multi-Purpose
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ThermaCELL Torch is a mosquito without a flame that is free from mosquitoes spaces up to 20 sqm.

Effective against mosquitoes (including Tiger), sand flies and flies.

Protects the the garden in an elegant and discreet. And' simply place the torch around your backyard or outdoor event to create a protective barrier that keeps mosquitoes away and creates a great atmosphere for a party or your dinner in the garden. Glow without flame, thanks to the LED light flickering has a realistic candle effect.

The torch is mounted on an adjustable pole and can be easily converted into a lantern from the table.

An elegant classic Design with LED light flickering that adds atmosphere to outdoor environments. Perfect for any outdoor event, from a barbecue in the garden, dinners with friends and even weddings or outdoor ceremonies.

Thanks to a hood, the Torch ThermaCELL can be left outdoors even when not in use.

The torch with no flame includes both a desktop stand, an adjustable pole to provide different usage options. Use the extendable pole for the ambient light is mountable to a height of 60 cm to almost 2 meters. Edit it for use by the table through the support lantern included.

The source of the heat needed comes from a small, safe butane gas cartridge that releases the heat necessary to enact the active ingredient contained in special platelets Thermacell - Acti Zanza Break. There are no open flames. The heat is transmitted evenly and controlled through a metal plate. Umbrella protection on a surface area of about 20 square metres.

Are not the use of candles, which besides being dangerous heat of the platelets is not uniform, causing a release of substances is not uniform.

Turn on the unit a few minutes prior to stay outdoor all the times that you want or need total protection.


Do not touch the plate located under the protection grille during operation, it may cause burns.


• Safe and effective in outdoor environments

• Odorless, no smoke, no flame, no wires

• Flashlight multi-purpose with adjustable pole, easily convertible lantern

• The ideal atmosphere for your evenings outdoors

• Thanks to the useful hood and the torch can be left outside even when it is not in use

Mode of action:

The canister of butane gas due to combustion, without flame, it releases the energy needed to heat a special plate insect-repellent specific for use in external environments. Operate the device 5-10 minutes before to stay on the outside to allow the achievement of the correct operating temperature of the plate of pyrethrum.

Ideal for:

any outdoor event, dinners and moments of relaxation in the garden, terrace, patio. To create the right atmosphere with its glow flickering, pleasantly protected from the mosquitoes.


1 device, 1 bottle, 3 plates.

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