570Z-2P - Sprinkler disappearance of 5 cm TORO Irrigazione - 1
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570Z-2P - Sprinkler disappearance of 5 cm

Riser height 5 cm. WITHOUT THE NOZZLE.


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570Z-2P - Sprinkler disappearance of 5 cm
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Versatile. Flexible. Reliable. The sprinkler Toro 570Z is everything you need to installers, residential and maintenance who wish to store only one range of the sprinklers.

Characterized by a seal which is active already at very low pressures, which allows to wash only in the return phase of the turret, the models 570Z are ideal for small gardens and green areas.

Seven distinct port nozzles pop-up, and a large number of interchangeable nozzles offer the user a chance to use virtually unlimited.

Structures of different sizes, to meet the various requirements of installation, and the one hundred fifteen different nozzles provide tremendous versatility.
The turret ring ensures a arc adjustment easy and reliable.

The 570Z is ideal for areas of the landscape complex. The patterns PR and PRX are ideal for applications with high operation pressure or the variable, including the long channels and slopes. In the models ZXF and PRX device the X-Flow reduces the water loss by 99% if damaged.

The check valve (optional) capable of withstanding a drop of 3 metres to avoid that in the areas with a difference in height of the Pop-Up positioned at the bottom continue to lose water at the end of the cycle, the irrigation by creating reservoirs and waste water.

Regolatore di pressione nella Torretta Brevettato

Pressure regulator in the Turret of the Patented

Keeps constant at 2.1 bar outlet pressure, thus minimizing misting and fogging caused by pressures above 2.1 bar.

Guarnizione Pulente Senza Perdite

Seal Cleaning Without Loss

Avoids losses from the pop-up, enabling the installation of more sprinklers on the same line.

Molla di Spinta e Guarnizione Pulente Avanzate

Spring Retraction and a Gasket Cleaning Advanced

Robust spring retraction and seal material improved to ensure an excellent back of the turret on all models 570Z.

Cappello di Piccole Dimensioni (50 mm.)

Hat of Small Size (50 mm.)

Being less visible, and reduces damage from exposure or vandals.

Data sheet
300 Items
Type of attack
Max range (m)
Tower height (cm.)
Attack size
1/2 "

570Z Brochure

User manual with instructions for installing and using the TORO Irrigazione 570Z sprinklers.

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  • 570Z-2P - Sprinkler disappearance of 5 cm
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