LAPILLO33 - Volcanic lapillus 33 liters
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LAPILLO33 - Volcanic lapillus 33 liters


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LAPILLO33 - Volcanic lapillus 33 liters
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The volcanic lapillus used in a mixture in the construction of green roofs gives balanced drainage capacity. It has drainage properties similar to those of the common river and quarry aggregates, however thanks to the internal porosity it is able to absorb and retain part of the rainwater.

It has mechanical characteristics capable of ensuring lift and stability over time.

The internal porosity of the mineral guarantees low specific weights compared to common aggregates and vegetable soil. The internal porosity of the volcanic material also ensures adequate water retention and nutrient retention on the one hand, and the presence of oxygen at a gaseous level at any time and in the situation, which is indispensable for development and growth. of the root system.

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