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Aqualab - Trap for mosquito larvae

AQUALAB is the new strategy of eco-economic to combat the pesky problem of mosquitoes, including the Tiger mosquito.


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The Aqualab is a safe, economical and ecological useful to stop the life cycle of the mosquitoes in your garden.
The goal is to create an ideal environment for the deposition of eggs from which adults do not will stand out ever the flight.

It is a method of struggle is absolutely harmless to the environment , capable of interrupting the lifecycle of mosquitoes in your garden.
Has a reduced cost, requires little maintenance , and acting on the larvae of the mosquito fights the problem at its root.

The Aqualab is a ovitrappola formed by a vase of transparent plastic closed by a funnel of black that fit into a plastic ring with a series of cones opened upside down.

Filling water to the bucket over the inverted cones of the translucent ring and by introducing special pads ( 1 pad is included with the AQUALAB ) for the treatment of water creates an ideal environment for the oviposition of mosquitoes.
These pads are composed for the most part, rice starch, and gluten which enrich the water with nutrients particularly attractive to the larvae of the mosquito.
This availability of food for the larvae increases the chance that a female mosquito shall lay their eggs in these waters.

The larvae glide toward the bottom of the pot and rise back to the surface following the path that the door in the closed area of the ovitrappola.
Here the larvae complete development by giving the light of the adult mosquitoes that are trapped.

The entire process that culminates with the adult mosquito is trapped.

The maintenance is minimal.
Mosquitoes love standing water so better never change the water.
It is sufficient to introduce a tablet of treatment every month to maximize the attraction effect.

For the best results, the ovitrappole can be positioned about 50 to 70 meters of distance one from the other in a shaded area.
Four ovitrappole are sufficient to protect areas from 2500 to 4000 square meters.

The rod of wood contained in the packaging (masonite) must be placed inside the funnel, which is immersed in the water with the rough surface upwards.
The tiger mosquitoes lay their eggs on the rough surface where they remain stuck together due to the secretion of sticky that is emitted during the deposition.
At the time of hatching, the larva falls in the water where he will continue his cycle while remaining trapped.
The common mosquitoes, instead they lay on the surface of the water.

The reduction of mosquitoes is visible after the classic period of 4-6 weeks, i.e. the time necessary for the interruption of the life cycle of mosquitoes bear fruit.

Of course it is good to make sure that there are other fruitful stagnate in the immediate vicinity (manholes, etc), otherwise the benefits will be limited

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