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Aqualab Refil

Refill for AQUALAB.


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AQUALAB Refill is the refill for AQUALAB, the ingenious natural system that allows mosquitoes to deposit their eggs inside a natural egg trap.

AQUALAB Refill is a larvae food in the form of a cereal-based tablet which must be inserted into the device once a month (when the water is changed), it allows the larvae to feed and grow, making Aqualab an attractive egg-laying place. Mosquitoes will prefer the water contained inside AQUALAB rather than simple stagnant water thanks to the food substances dissolved inside it.

If you have purchased AQUALAB you need Aqualab Refill to obtain a winning result and to finally be able to enjoy your garden without the incessant annoyance of mosquitoes ready to bite you at any time of the day.

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