MP2000T-360 - Nozzle multi-jet, full-circle range 6.4 m
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MP2000T-360 - Nozzle multi-jet, full-circle range 6.4 m

Attack the male. Range from 3.9 metres to 6.4 metres. Working angle of 360 degrees.


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MP2000T-360 - Nozzle multi-jet, full-circle range 6.4 m
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The revolutionary MP Rotator includes a exclusive system for a multi-jet rotating that guarantee certain results in terms of water savings. Rather than simply spray a lot of water in the environment, as do the heads, traditional static MP Rotator delivers water slowly to the soil through jets targeted and porata constant.

This slower application of water allows it to penetrate gently into the soil with a uniform distribution over the entire area irrigated.

This greater efficiency allows you to achieve a water savings of 30% compared to the heads traditional static with a consequent reduction of waste related to their use.

The MP Rotator can be installed on any sprinkler or static adapter, transforming it immediately into a sprinkler to low precipitation and water savings while also offering the advantage of having a precipitation rate that is consistent regardless of the type and angle. The MP Rotator is a great choice for new systems because it combines an extraordinary flexibility (radii from 2.5 m to 10.7 m ), lower installation costs and a better overall efficiency of the system.

The MP are also perfect for upgrading existing systems, resolving any issues with low pressure and poor coverage related to them.

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