WA3644 - 20 V 4 Ah lithium battery
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WA3644 - 20 V 4 Ah lithium battery

PRO version. Replacement for all Worx 20 volt Power Share appliances.


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WA3644 - 20 V 4 Ah lithium battery
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The WA3644 battery from Worx 's Power Share Pro series offers greater autonomy, greater heat dissipation and greater shock protection.

It is compatible with all Worx 20 volt, 40 volt and 80 volt garden, lifestyle and power tools.

The WA3644 is a 20 volt 4 Ah lithium ion battery. It guarantees high power, great autonomy and the possibility of countless recharges. No annoying memory effect that afflicts traditional batteries.

The battery communicates with the charger to automatically optimize the charging process, extending battery life and reducing capacity loss over time.

The intelligent management system of the WA3644 ensures continuous monitoring of the state of charge, temperature and voltage fluctuations.

The battery cells are thermally insulated to prevent overheating during intensive use and ensure safe operation in a temperature range of -10 to 45 centigrade.

Each individual cell is completely shielded to ensure protection from humidity, shock and vibration.

The WA3644 is equipped with a battery charge level indicator for quick reference of the battery status.

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