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GreenZolla - Ecological real lawn litter

Size 125 x 40 centimetres.


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GreenZolla - Ecological real lawn litter
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GreenZolla is a natural litter for pets. It is a sod of real lawn measuring 125 x 40 centimeters that you can easily cut and adapt to the desired size. You can place it in a container at home, on the balcony, terrace or elsewhere.

It is natural and ecological and therefore particularly appreciated by all our animal friends who will be able to use it both to do their business and as a green lawn to relax and play.

GreenZolla is perfect for all small and medium sized animals, you can also use it as litter for cats, dogs, rabbits or hamsters.

It lasts a few weeks and can be disposed of in waste or organic waste.

GreenZolla is grown by our company, so it is only harvested when we receive your order, therefore it will arrive fresh at your home. The clod is made up of an underlying layer of approximately 2 centimeters of soil, so it is advisable to use a support to insert underneath to avoid dirtying the floor.

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Training Tips

Choose a dedicated place for the GreenZolla litter box. Let your four-legged friend explore the GreenZolla without forcing him to use it. Be patient and consistent. Pay attention to your pet's instincts and behavior. Create an association between GreenZolla and outdoor walks. Give rewards such as praise, cuddles or treats when the GreenSod is used as intended. Never scold or punish your pet. If your four-legged friend simply misses the litter box, be patient. His instincts were correct, but he didn't get there in time or he needs more training.

1. Reward immediate use

Many puppies and adult animals instinctively adapt to GreenZolla, so be prepared to immediately offer verbal praise and a treat to reinforce the behavior.

2. Observe usage

Make sure you watch your four-legged friend the first few times he uses GreenZolla. Some animals may try to destroy the litter or simply tear up the grass.

3. Establish a routine

For example, get your puppy to use the GreenZolla litter box after he wakes up in the morning, before and after meals, after play, after naps and before bedtime. Puppies have small bladders and bowels and need to go potty every 4 hours. If he doesn't do his business, try again after about 15 minutes. If successful, praise your pet enthusiastically and give him a treat.

4. See what happens

Between breaks, pay attention to signs that your pet needs to do its business. For example suddenly stops, turns in circles, smells the grass. If you see him about to leave, distract him and take him to the GreenSod as quickly as possible.

5. Use a leash

To associate the GreenZolla real grass lawn with the outdoors, bring your four-legged friend on a leash to the natural litter. Then, when your pet leaves the litter box, reward him with a short walk outside. Use the same verbal cues and treats as outside. If that doesn't work, accompany your four-legged friend to the GreenZolla every time you bring him in from a walk. Continue to take your pet for a walk at least once a day so that he understands that GreenZolla does not replace a fun walk with you.

6. Attract with scents

If your furry friend has problems, transfer his urine to the GreenZolla using a paper towel, or try placing a piece of dirty pee pad under the GreenZolla grass mat. Repeat the process if necessary. Pheromone sprays are also available in pet stores to attract pets to potties.

7. Transition away from plastic potties and pee pads

Animals that use synthetic products may need time to transition to GreenZolla. Place the GreenSod near or on top of any synthetic product you are using, so your pet can understand its purpose. Once your four-legged friend uses GreenZolla, remove the other products. Be patient. Animal habits can be difficult to change.

8. Skeptical animal

A very well-trained pet may not believe they have your permission to use eco-friendly litter in your home. Such an animal will need further encouragement before accepting that the use of eco-friendly litter in your home has your approval.

9. “Not for Me” Animals

Sometimes GreenSod encounters animals that refuse to use it. While the GreenZolla may be great for most animals, we recognize that it may not be the ideal solution for your four-legged friend. GreenZolla subscriptions can be canceled at any time, for any reason. Of course due to the nature of our product, once the shipment has been processed, we are unable to accept returns or issue a refund for such shipment.

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