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The size of the root ball is 120 x 40 cm and therefore one root ball covers half a square meter of surface.

The quantity ordered is in square metres, which means that if you write '100' in the Quantity field you will receive 200 rolls of lawn capable of covering a surface of 100 square metres.

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10.
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Prato FASCINO by Prato Erboso Shop is a roll lawn produced with zoysia matrella seeds.

Recommended use
Residential lawns, sports fields, golf fairways and roof gardens, in temperate/warm climate areas.

Temperature resistance
Excellent heat resistance, grows up to 40°C. In winter, if it is permanently exposed to minimum temperatures which on average fall below 15°C, it begins to enter dormancy, initially characterized by an interruption in growth and subsequently by a loss of colour. Upon reaching the 0°C threshold there is a total discoloration with a very light and uniform straw yellow effect. Resistance to the cold, within the macrothermal species, is to be considered among the best as the dormancy period is not very prolonged and furthermore it is able to withstand occasional temperatures down to -15°C. In temperate climate areas it generally goes dormant in October and then greens up again in March.

NB . Zoysia Matrella is part of the "Macroterme" family, therefore it tends to go into dormancy (i.e. to stop the vegetative process) with temperatures that drop below 15°C, consequently it only adapts to areas with a predominantly temperate climate. We do not recommend its use in mountainous areas or in general in central and northern Italy. Due to this characteristic it is possible to transplant it only in the months from April to September.

Resistance to trampling
Very good, it is also able to colonize thinned areas very quickly thanks to the presence of stolons.

Shade resistance
Good in partial shade.

The recommended cutting height is between 2 and 3 cm and can be carried out with lawnmowers with helical or rotary blades. During the winter months the mowing frequency is drastically reduced until it reaches zero if it enters dormancy.

How it is prepared and shipped

After purchase, the customer is contacted by our delivery office to agree on the exact delivery day. The carpet is "sodded" and shipped the same day to ensure that it arrives fresh to the customer.

Transportation and delivery

The lawn prepared on special pallets is entrusted to affiliated couriers equipped with suitable vehicles for fast transport. The unloading from the customer will be carried out by the transporter with vehicles equipped with hydraulic tailgates or cranes to guarantee easy and quick unloading.

NB. Delivery takes place on average in 5/6 days from the order and 24 hours from collection, upon communication from our delivery office.

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  • M301-010-2 - Union manifold with 2 1" outlets
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Rolled Lawn Installation

It is necessary to lay the lawn within 24 hours of delivery to guarantee its integrity.

1. Tillage with removal of any residue of old lawn or weeds and large stones (small ones can also be left).

2. Preparation of the installation base by correcting the soil if it is excessively silty or sandy with the addition of silica or river sand or, alternatively, lapillus.

3. Accurate leveling to avoid harmful water stagnation. Keep the ground level 1-2 cm below the level of sidewalks or walkways in general.

4. Fertilization base with phosphorus-based fertilizer to stimulate the root development of the root ball.

5. Laying the lawn: carefully place the clods together, making the edges match (do not overlap). In very large plots, irrigate as you lay it to avoid dehydration of the lawn, especially in the summer season. Do not use small pieces of sod as they are quickly subject to dehydration.

6. Water abundantly as soon as the lawn is laid. Roll the ground to ensure that the carpet can adhere perfectly to the ground, thus eliminating air pockets that would prevent the turf from rooting. In the following days, make sure that the water supply always keeps both the root ball and the underlying soil very moist to help it root. It is advisable to water during the coolest hours of the day: early morning. After approximately 15-20 days after installation, depending on the period, you should no longer be able to lift the clods.

7. Gradually reduce irrigation, trying to accustom the turf to the lowest possible water supply depending on the soil, sun exposure and season.

8. First mowing of the lawn approximately 10 days after installation e always collection of the cut.

9. There are no seasonal limits for the installation of the lawn, but it is good practice, in case of installation at high temperatures, to prevent fungal attacks with specific products and never install in the presence of frozen ground.

10. Fertilizations: at least four basic annual fertilizations are recommended: early spring and late spring with ternary fertilizers with a prevalence of nitrogen content and early autumn and late autumn with ternary fertilizers with a prevalence of potassium content.

11. Fungicide treatment: it is recommended to carry out preventively, especially in the summer season.