US-415 - Sprinkler concealed range 4.5 meters
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US-415 - Sprinkler concealed range 4.5 meters

Riser height 10 cm. Working angle variable.


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US-415 - Sprinkler concealed range 4.5 meters
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Quality Rain Bird at the Best Price in the Market.

The seal ribbon is activated by the pressure prevents excessive flow and wastage of water. Prevents the entry of debris during the return of the sleeve. The durable clutch mechanism wear-resistant consisting of two parts allows quick and easy alignment of the heads. The body and the ring nut sturdy and offer durability, even in harsh conditions and high pressure.

A reduced exposed surface makes the product virtually invisible to a green area more pleasant. For added convenience, these sprayheads are provided with the heads VAN pre-installed.

On the UNI-Spray™ can be installed in all the heads and accessories Rain Bird, thus simplifying the management of the warehouse. The heads, the VAN and the filter are easily removable for flushing. The internal parts are removable from the top of the sprinkler for easy servicing. They are equipped with a screw adjustment flow and radius.

The check valve SAM optional, installable directly in the field, maintains the load pressure generated by a difference in height equal to 1.5 m of water column.
2 lifting heights of the tower.

Data sheet
Rain Bird
Type of attack
Max range (m)
Tower height (cm.)
Attack size
1/2 "

Uni-Spray Rain Bird Brochure

Rain Bird Uni-Spray Sprinkler Brochure.

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