300-00-00 - Sprinkler concealed multi-jet TORO Irrigazione - 1
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300-00-00 - Sprinkler concealed multi-jet

Riser height is 7.5 cm. Power shower. WITHOUT THE NOZZLE, AND TRIP METER.


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300-00-00 - Sprinkler concealed multi-jet
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Ideal for lawns of a medium to large size and bushy areas, as well as for small commercial applications.

Ensures matched precipitation rates uniform with precise proportional flow so as to provide a uniform coverage.

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Attack size
3/4 "

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Features 300
Exclusive to Multiple Rotating Flows

Exclusive to Multiple Rotating Flows

Ensures slow and effective irrigation. It is also possible to divide the sprinklers into zones with sprinklers at different angles together, thus saving time and water. In addition to all this, the rotating jets create a remarkable visual impact.

Angle Partializers with Same Precipitation Rate

Angle Partializers with Same Precipitation Rate

It ensures the uniform distribution of water on every square meter of irrigated area, resulting in a highly precise irrigation system.

Choose between Six Nozzles and Nine Corner Przializers

Choose between Six Nozzles and Nine Angle Przializers / h3>

For maximum versatility in meeting the different needs of gierdino (4 separate nozzles for tall pop-ups).

Different pop-up heights

Different pop-up heights

3-inch (76.2mm) lawn pop-up, for shrubs and tall plants in order to meet various installation needs.