T7PSS-52 - Sprinkler concealed range 25 metres
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T7PSS-52 - Sprinkler concealed range 25 metres

Riser height 12.7 cm. With the turret in stainless steel.


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T7PSS-52 - Sprinkler concealed range 25 metres
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The sprinkler dynamic Toro T7 has a sturdy construction to withstand harsh conditions and vandalism in commercial applications, on sports fields, and municipal/governmental.

It has been designed and tested to ensure the high reliability required by today's market.

Its numerous features recognized by the customer, include an excursion full of 14.6 cm and a large radius, which makes this sprinkler dynamic ideal for sports fields, public parks and other large-scale applications.

Further enhancing its versatility, the T7 is now expected versions at a low flow rate for applications with reduced flow and a smaller radius, like diamonds in the baseball fields.

Data sheet
Type of attack
Max flow (l./min.)
Working angle
Tower height (cm.)
Non-drinking water indicator
Coating for sports fields
Smart Arc memory
Vandal-proof device
Check valve
yes (optional)
Attack size
1 "

Features T7

Summit Indicator of the Arc

Summit Indicator of the Arc

The arc setting indicator on the top of the sprinkler allows you to easily make adjustments between 45 ° and 360 ° in wet or dry conditions.

High Efficiency Nozzles

High Efficiency Nozzles

The single opening design ensures uniform distribution of water according to the scheme, without exceeding with the water near the head and preventing the elimination of seeds due to water.

Resistant to Misuse and Vandalism

Resistant to Misuse and Vandalism

In the event of vandalism, the Smart Arc memory returns the sprinkler to the previously set arc.

Design and Safety Solutions

Design and Safety Solutions

Standard check valve to prevent reduced head drainage. Small exposure diameter to limit the risk of injury on the playing areas. The stainless steel riser and nozzle base allow it to withstand even the heaviest conditions.



Available in low-flow models (identified by the "circled L" on the rubber cover), for small radius applications (11.6–16m), such as indoor baseball fields.