CE 08 - Concrete and grass formwork
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CE 08 - Concrete and grass formwork

For parking lots, walkways, escarpments. Three pieces cover 1 m2 of surface.


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CE 08 - Concrete and grass formwork
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The CE 08 cement and grass formwork allows the construction of an external reinforced concrete pavement on site. A monolithic, drive-over and draining slab is obtained.

The voids created in the shaped shapes allow to grass the area where the flooring is made.

Modì formwork for grass and concrete

The CE 08 formwork modules allow the creation of driveways RESISTANT to differential loads.

They are ECONOMIC, given that the cement and grass formwork CE 08 allows the saving of concrete.

They provide an EFFECTIVE contrast method for swelling the soil.

They create a SELF-DRAINING system, thanks to the passage created by the drainage pockets.

They guarantee a REVIVING effect, because the cement and grass formwork CE 08 provides the possibility of grassing with indigenous plants and species.

They are ECOLOGICAL, being produced with recycled materials.

Data sheet
CE 08
Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Depth (cm)

CE formwork brochure 08

Illustrative sheet of the fields of use and the advantages of using the CE 08 concrete and grass formwork.

Download (514.1KB)

EC formwork specification 08

Description of specifications for formwork CE 08 useful for installers for estimates.

Download (214.29KB)