8 MINI - Sprinkler concealed range 10.7 metres
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8 MINI - Sprinkler concealed range 10.7 metres

Riser height 10 cm.


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8 MINI - Sprinkler concealed range 10.7 metres
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The small rotor dynamic Mini 8 1⁄2", is particularly well-suited for situations where space irrigation is too small for the use of sprayheads and too big for the classic sprinkler turbine.

With a dynamic, 1/2” you can irrigate in a way that is valid and effective saving water and therefore money, with a cost per m2 is lower than for a plant built with sprayheads.

You can create, in fact, less areas to cover the area to be irrigated.

Integrate its offer with the Mini 8 allows you to respond in an efficient manner and complete all the irrigation needs, from garden estate to the sports field.

Top Arc Indication

Indication of the Upper

Provides easy adjustment from 40° to 360° with visual feedback of the change in the angle through the reading of the scale.

Five Interchangeable Nozzles

Five Interchangeable Nozzles

To meet the different needs of flow rate and radius (comes pre-installed with a nozzle-1.5).

Stainless Steel Radius Adjustment Screw

Stainless Steel Radius Adjustment Screw

Allows a reduction of up to 25%.

Pressure Activated Seal

Pressure Activated Seal

Minimizes flow-by during the lift and keeps the debris from the tower during the return.

Part And Full Circle In One

Unique adjustment of the Angle of the Partial and Full Circle

Offers convenience and reduces the number of different types of sprinkler.

Data sheet
Type of attack
Max range (m)
Tower height (cm.)
Attack size
1/2 "

MINI brochure 8

User manual with instructions for installing and using the TORO Irrigazione MINI 8 sprinklers.

Download (47.42KB)