T5HPE-RS - Sprinkler concealed, range 15.2 meters
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T5HPE-RS - Sprinkler concealed, range 15.2 meters

Riser height 30 cm. System with Rapid Set.


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T5HPE-RS - Sprinkler concealed, range 15.2 meters
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Thanks to its wonderful amenities, this acclaimed rotor provides versatility, easy adjustment and trouble-free operation for a wide range of residential applications, medium to large and commercial.

Indicator at the top of the arc for easy adjustment from 40° to 360°).

Excursion of the turret 30 cm to overcome the obstacle of high grass and small plants.

Arcs of part and full-circle in one sprinkler for convenience.

If it is set to 360°, the rotation becomes one-way for a uniform.

In the case of vandalism, the Smart Arc™ memory safely returns sprinkler to previously set arc.

Data sheet
Type of attack
Max range (m)
Tower height (cm.)
Attack size
3/4 "

T5 Rapiset data sheet

Features, performance and operating description of the Toro T5 Rapidset Dynamic Pop-Up Sprinkler

Download (1.08MB)

Toro T5 Rapidset Manual

Manual with installation and setting instructions for the Toro T5 concealed dynamic sprinkler with Rapidset.

Download (4.21MB)