Save water and protect your lawn

The rain sensor makes the irrigation system intelligent by preventing it from watering in rainy weather. Save water and don't make your lawn sick.

TRS - Rain sensor
Connection with cable.
(4,4/5) out of 7 total ratings
RSD-BEX - Rain sensor
Connection with cable.
(4,7/5) out of 3 total ratings
EVO-WS - Weather sensor
Wireless. For TORO Evolution control unit.
(4,5/5) out of 4 total ratings
(5/5) out of 1 total ratings
(5/5) out of 5 total ratings

(4,7/5) out of 20 total ratings
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Vraiment de bonne qualité, ne bouge pas avec la chaleur ! Je recommande

By Benjamin M. the 01/24/2023 - 901564500 - Braciere..
Landroid Charger
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Very pleased with this charger,worked perfectly and was a reasonable price,delivery was a bit slow but that’s how it goes these days

By Paul W. the 01/17/2023 - WA3755.1 - Alimentatore..
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Bien reçu

By Michel L. the 01/15/2023 - Brio - Regolatore..